RDTN Episode 81 – Come Together: BGG Con Review – Suzanne Sheldon, Matt Evans, Chaz Marler, and Joel Eddy

This one is recorded live at BGG Con and we share some of our highlights and low-lights that occurred over those five days. We went last year, had a blast, and decided to return. Once again, time well spent and a great time was had by all, but it wasn’t always perfect as you will hear.
Someone got a little testy during one game, but we will not mention names in this blog, only in the show. We got to see plenty of friends and fellow members of the guild and moonpies were flowing when available. It still amazes me how many gamers there were, the number of vendors that showed up, and the abundant library that had about anything you wanted to play. Even with the reduction in the number of tickets sold, it still was packed to the gills during the weekend so table space was at a premium. However, people were very cordial to on another and while finding space to play was daunting, it could be found.

But a place full of gamers was not enough for us. Oh no, we had to go and try our wits in an motleycrewEscape Room. The question is, the picture you see in the post, is that before or after the room? You just have to listen and find out. Regardless, it was a great experience and I recommend it for anyone who might want to try their luck and smarts.

Somethings barely mentioned in the show because we think the name dropping would have gotten out of hand were some great demos we got to sample by known designers Eric Lang, Mike Fitzgerald, Emerson Matsuuchi, and Rob Daviau. We hope to see these new games in 2016, but one thing we know is that what we tried was either being signed or very close to getting a commitment for a printing. So, the momentum continues in this hobby with little signs of slowing down.

Intro of Guests, 1:00
Eggs of Ostrich, 5:10
Shipping of the Stuff, 9:45
Flying Squirrels, 12:00
Tony – Diversity @ BGG Con, 12:30
Chaz – Hotel Floor @ Convention, 14:30
Matt – Uber Experience, 16:30
Suzanne – Hard 8 Vegetarian Experience, 18:30
Marty – Ashes @ Plaid Hat, 20:45
Joel – Chronicles Origins from Artana, 23:15
Portal Games – Ignacy, 25:50
Escape Room Event, 27:00
BoardGameGeek Con Impressions, 38:30
And we can find you where?, 56:30
Outro, 1:00:30

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