RDTN Episode 80 – Blood of Heroes: Blood Rage, Champions of Midgard, and the Flying Squirrels

IMG_20151107_095854Like  Leif Erikson, we explored undiscovered lands looking for treasures and riches in this release. Okay, maybe we don’t find new lands, but we did review Blood Rage by Eric Lang, the area control style game that pits you against other clans for glory and while Marty has said on past shows that area control just isn’t his cup of mead, this game has his attention. You can’t deny that this game from Cool Mini or Not is beautiful, but we do get in a somewhat heated discussion over the scoring. Champions of Midgard by Ole Steiness is also discussed and this game is right up my alley with worker placement and the added bonus of dice. The games that I have played so far have all been very close in scoring which makes me enjoy the game even more, but then again, I just enjoy worker placement games.

Being fall, the squirrels are on the loose gathering acorns and they invaded the show again. We got some short reviews, close out on a Kickstarter, some groans and complaints as only Marty and I can do. We are off to BGG Con this week and if you are going to be there, please say hello.
Segment, Time
Intro, 1:00
Flying Squirrels, 4:00
Game Hype, 4:30
Dicemasters Amazing Spider-man, 6:30
Vikings/Nations Dice Game, 8:30
The Grizzled, 10:30
Brain Damage, 12:20
Patchwork, 14:20
Happy Mouth BBQ Rubs, 16:00
Doublesix Dice, 18:00
Blood Rage, 20:30
Portal Announcement, 42:45
Champions of Midgard, 43:30
Outro, 57:30

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