RDTN Episode 79 – Master of Puppets: Warhammer Quest-The Adventure Card Game with Brady and Adam Sadler

whacgThe Green Room at RDTN studios has been worn out with all the guests we have had recently. Adam and Brady Sadler drop by to discuss the new Fantasy Flight game Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game (WQ:ACG) that they designed. We listen to them tell us why it isn’t Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, we discover how it compares to LOTR LCG, talk about Folklore: The Affliction and we learn what it takes to be a Heavy Metal Historian. We also dragged some news out of them, okay, maybe we didn’t get a scoop, but they spend time talking about their soon to be released Kickstarter Dark Frontier. Dark Frontier is based on the Myth fantasy world. They had us buying it for it was kind of like a Tower Defense game and well, maybe it isn’t really. That was four minutes of the show that was like a roller coaster for us.

Marty and I also take time to talk about The Gallerist, Pandemic Legacy, and Blood Rage, three games that are all the rage right now. We do not give out any spoilers in Legacy and this should be the last time we mention it in the show as far as what I am playing. Blood Rage was very enjoyable game and a very hot game right now. But admittedly it may not be for those that don’t like the in your face type of game. But do yourself a favor if you get a chance, play the game just to experience how all the mechanics come together. And did you know that Twitter can be more than just a bunch of nonsense posting. How so you ask? Marty used it to get a better understanding of The Gallerist from the designer. Amazing, this internet thing might catch on.

Enjoy the episode.

Segment, Time
The Gallerist, 2:25
Pandemic Legacy, 4:30
Blood Rage, 7:10
Portal Games Announcement, 10:55
WQ:ACG , 18:15
Folklore: The Affliction, 46:40
Dark Frontier – their new game, 52:00
Rank’em, 56:06
Outro, 01:10:00

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