RDTN Episode 78 – Who Wants to Live Forever: Pandemic Legacy with Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock

pic2452831If you were to go into the RDTN archives, you would hear us talk a bunch about Pandemic. It was probably one of the first games that really started us down the road to hobby board gaming. And if you had told me that when we started this podcast that we would have gotten the opportunity to talk with the designer Matt Leacock not once but twice, I would of told you to get the heck out of here. But if you had then said we also get to discuss the collaboration between Matt and Rob Daviau, a game designer that truly needs no introduction, you would be picking me up off the floor. But that is what we bring to you in this episode. No, no, you need not thank us, just enjoy the show for that is thanks enough.

Matt and Rob were very gracious with their time and share with us what it took to bring Pandemic Legacy to birth. There are no game spoilers in this episode. If you aren’t sure that this game, which is spreading throughout the world like the Bubonic Plague, is for you, then we ask the two men behind it to help you make that decision. We also pepper in questions given to us from our RDTN Guild members to find out what makes these two guys tick. With Rob being a first time guest, you know that means another game of Rank’em.
Segment, Time
Shout Out, 2:10
The Broken Token Winner, 4:05
Matt and Rob, 5:15
Rank’em, 44:20
Portal Announcement, 57:35
Scythe, 59:20

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