RDTN Episode 77 – Fortress Around Your Heart: A visit from the Podfather – Stephen Buonocore, Game Day with Pete and Scott

The Podfather’s Seal (Buonocored)

If you are doing a Board Gaming Podcast, you must always pay your respects to the Podfather by having him on your show. It is just how it is done in the gaming world. Alright, kidding aside, Stephen Buonocore, owner of Stronghold Games, joins us to discuss his upcoming Essen releases plus more. Yeah, he has been making the rounds, but it is very exciting time for Stronghold games with huge releases coming in the next few months. We got to hear more about 504, Stronghold 2E, Porta Nigra, and a bunch of other upcoming games. But if you already know all about those games, then jump to

where we ask Stephen to answer questions from our BGG Guild. Some great questions were posted and we got almost all of them answered. Marty and I were also able to spend a day gaming with Scott Morris, you know him as Tox, and Pete Shirey who works for CoolMiniorNot. We got to play three games with an audience on hand, ate a breakfast that about caused us to become comatose, and then drove home in the start of the rain that has dominated the South.

Segment, Time
Gaming with Pete Shirey and Scott Morris, 01:50
Tesla vs Edison, 4:30
Risk Star Wars Edition, 6:55
Stephen Buonocore is in the house, 10:35
504, 15:25
Porta Nigra, 27:00
Stronghold 2E, 31:10
Among the Stars Revival & New Dawn, 37:50
The Golden Ages, 42:45
Survive – Space Attack, 47:50
Space Cadets Away Missions, 54:30
Lightning Round with Buonocore, 57:40
Portal Announcement, 1:14:00
Outro, 01:15:15

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