RDTN Episode 76 – Cold As Ice: Eric Lang, The Others 7 Sins, L5R, World of Smog, Rum & Bones and TBT Contest

Eric M. Lang

Eric Lang is on the show people. Marty and I had a great time interviewing Eric about his new game The Others: 7 Sins. It is a Cool Mini or Not release and is blowing up Kickstarter like all CMON games seem to do. Eric takes you through the birth of the game, explains the concepts of the game, why he picked a 1 vs many game, and explains the various concepts in the game. We then ask Eric to answer some questions from members of the RDTN Boardgamegeek Guild. And being a guest on the show for the first time, we subject him to a Rank’em. Don’t skip this one guys, it is pretty darn solid. Okay, after the last one we did, this one is INCREDIBLE!!

Marty also shares his experiences with the games The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service and Rum & Bones, both from Cool Mini or Not. While these are not full reviews, Marty does go into gameplay, talks some pros and cons of both, and hopefully gives you some idea on if you would enjoy playing these games or not.

One last item, our buddy Dan Patriss over at The Geek Allstars is beginning his campaign for his annual charity drive for Turner Syndrome Society. Every year, he and a bunch of good friends hold a 24 Hour Gaming Marathon at a local store in Raleigh, NC. If you are so inclined, head over to his website and check out what they have posted so far and see how it went last year.

Plus don’t forget to enter our Broken Token contest for an insert of your choice (deadline for entry is October 6)

Segment, Time
FFG bought L5R, 2:30
The World of Smog: On Her Majesty’s Service, 11:15
Rum & Bones, 20:15
Gamers for Cures, 28:15
Portal Games Information, 29:00
Eric M. Lang on the Air, 30:30
The Birth of The Others, 33:15
Why 1 vs Many, 36:30
Corruption Mechanic, 42:00
How do you win, 45:30
Story Cards, 48:00
The Players, 52:00
The Sins Player, 55:00
Minis in a Game, 1:03:00
The BGG Guild Questions, 1:10:00
Rank’em, 1:21:30
The End of Interview, 1:40:00
The Broken Token Contest, 1:45:00
Outro and Teasers, 01:48:30

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