RDTN Episode 72 – I Just Can’t Wait to Be King: The Gameboy Geek Dan King joins us for our Gen Con Episode

gbgeekimageOne of the most prolific reviewers on the Dice Tower, Dan King the Gameboy Geek, joins us for this episode to discuss what games we are looking forward to at Gen Con. Since Marty is the only one of us going to the convention, Dan and I are kind of making a list of things we want him to check out and report back on with his opinions. Hopefully some of the games we mention are on your list as well. Then we drag Dan into a round of Rank ’em that in itself was a very unique experience. We obviously needed to play test those questions before we presented them to Dan, but live and learn.

Fdankingor all those going to Gen Con, be sure to find Marty to get your Moon Pie and 1st Player Squirrel token, both are limited in supply. If you have time, be sure and pick up tickets for the Grudge Match going on Friday night. Also drop by our sponsors, The Broken Token and Portal Games and if anything let them know you heard about them on our Podcast, it is much appreciated. For those like me that are not attending, be sure to participate in the @Gencant activities and check out the website here. We are offering up a prize along with tons of contributors, publishers and just really nice people. What a great time to be part of the hobby.

Segment, Time
Dan King is here, 2:00
Gen Con Preview, 15:30
Nevermore, 17:15
Codenames, 20:00
Vs. System 2PCG, 23:00
Dice City, 26:15
Discoveries, 28:30
Wrath of Dragons, 31:15
Star Trek: Five Year Mission, 34:00
Mysterium USA Version, 35:30
Steam Works, 39:00
The King’s Armory, 41:00
New Salem, 43:00
Code of Nine, 47:15
Central City: Heroes, 49:45
Warehouse 51, 51:30
The Undercity, 53:30
And a just quick hitters, 56:30
Rank ’em, 01:08:30
Wrap up with Dan, 01:23:00
Portal at Gencon, 01:27:45
Outro, 01:28:45

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