RDTN Episode 71 – Still the One: Stockpile Review, Forbidden Stars Impression, Chit Chat: Game to Settle Down With

iheartboardgames Suzanne and Rhiannon are back and we discuss a topic suggested by a BGG RDTN Guild member on what game we think is our soulmate. That is right, is there a board game out there that would be one that you could settle down with and thus live out your life just playing that game. Now in real life we know that there will never just be one game for us to play, but it was a fun debate among the four of us. I not only love board games but also build your own crossword

Marty and I review a game he got at Origins called Stockpile. I must say that I was very surprised by this game and was initially concerned that it might be a tad boring because economic games are that to me. But what a breath of fresh air and iheartgamesone game I will pick up for myself instead of trying to borrow Marty’s copy all the time.

We also give our initial impression of Fantasy Flight’s Forbidden Stars that we have been chomping at the bit to play. This one is going to take another few plays to get a full feel for the game, but initial impression is it worth the time investment to discover if you might like it or not.

We also want to thank our newest sponsor Portal Games and for those heading to Gen Con, be sure to visit their Store and place your order for delivery at the show.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:30
Tony who?, 4:30
Forbidden Stars, 6:00
Stockpile, 14:00
Chit Chat, 27:15
Dice Tower Con, 28:30
Geekway to the West, 32:30
General Con Thoughts, 37:30
The Gauntlet is thrown: Neuroshima Hex, 44:00
The Game You would Marry, 48:30
Battle of the Board Game Networks, 1:10:00
Gen Cant 2015, 01:15:00
Portal Announcement, 1:25:45
Marty’s Gen Con Events, 1:27:15
The Broken Token Special Offer @ Gen Con, 1:29:15
Outro, 1:32:15

And here is the Battle of the Board Game Networks Video.

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