RDTN Episode 70 – North to Alaska: Terra Mystica Review, Marty’s CMON Adventures, Eric Lang’s The Others & Blood Rage

In this Episode, we are going to cover a not so new game, one that came out in 2012, Terra Mystica and its expansion Fire and Ice. We also hear from Marty on the adventures down at CoolMiniorNot Expo and the games he got to play. He really enjoyed himself and if you are in the Atlanta area in May 2016, consider this small little Con. We of course have some Flying Squirrel moments to discuss the happenings in the gaming community and things that just cause me to shake my head at. There is even an actual squirrel moment in the show, so happy hunting.

And yes, these are my accommodations in Alaska


Meeples or Minis, 4:50
I am cheap, 6:50
Paradox, 9:00
Kickstarter Video Stupidity, 11:15
Selfie Sticks, 13:15
Hug YLGS, 15:15
Kraftwagen, 17:15
Give the old games another try, 19:45
2016 Scott King Gaming Calendar, 21:45
CMON Adventures, 26:15
Eric Lang’s The Others – 7 Sins, 29:00
Grizzled, 36:30
Blood Rage, 38:30
Shout Out Time, 44:00
Terra Mystica, 47:30
Hero’s Convention, 59:00

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