RDTN Episode 69 – Love Rollercoaster: Review of Origins 2015 with guest co-host, Rodney Smith


In this episode, Love Rollercoaster,  guest host Rodney Smith (Watch It Played) and I discuss our trip to Origins. And what better way to cover all the different topics of Origins than Flying Squirrels.

In addition, we compare and contrast various aspects of Origins, GenCon and BGG Con.

Meanwhile, Tony is still playing Yukon Cornelius somewhere in Alaska. Hopefully he’ll make it back safe and sound in time for Episode 70.


Segment, Time

Intro, 00:37

How did Rodney get to go to Origins?, 4:00

Flying Squirrels (games/people/food/rants), 7:05

Compare and Contrast Origins/GenCon/BGG Con, 48:40

Outro, 1:03:05

CMON Expo, 1:07:05


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