RDTN Episode 64 – With A Little Help From My Friends: Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise

pairofdiceChaz_popfilterLook out, Chaz is in the house again so you might want to just get ready for an episode that is nothing but Squirrel moments. Sure we talk about the happenings in the board gaming world, but we spend much of our time talking about his Mockumentary that he did for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. The winning bidder received a 30+ minute tribute to their gaming glory at a competition where they beat some heavy hitters in the gaming community. The people that appear in this small film are Tom Vasel, squirrelEric Summerer, Rodney Smith, Joel Eddy, Hunter Shelburne, Rhiannon Ochs, and many others. But it wasn’t just these heavyweights, Marty and I got parts as well.

Chaz then pulls a switch-a-roo on us and makes us play our own game – Rank’em. His topics actually had some thought behind them. Enjoy the show and be sure and check out Chaz’s youTube channel when you get a chance if you don’t already.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:30
Battle Bards, 2:00
Scoundrels, 6:00
Chaz Marler, 9:30
Mocumentary Discussion, 16:00
Other Chaz products, 36:00
Chaz at Cons, 43:00
Rank’em by Chaz, 49:00
Chaz on GAMA, 1:06:00
Outro, 1:11:30

Recorded on 4/6/2015

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    • Tony McRee

      Thank you, I kept forgetting to look for it after we recorded. I also can’t believe I crossed Nicholas Sparks with James Patterson. I remember both movies, but get their names confused. Appreciate the clear up.

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