RDTN Episode 62 – Tough Enough: Interview with Matt Leacock

thunderbirdsMatt Leacock has been making the rounds to promote his new game Thunderbirds, published by Modiphius Games and we were lucky enough to be including in his tour of   podcasts/video channels. Some of us even got to interview him twice. The Kickstarter is doing incredibly well as you can imagine and was funded I believe in one day. While this game has my interest, I am already stretched thin on my KS dollars for the year, so I am going to pass until it hits retail.

Matt then took some time to talk with us about his Pandemic series and a little about Pandemic Legacy but unfortunately he can’t spoil anything yet and we all have to wait. Hepic2452831 did mention what most of us have already heard, that it is atwelve month campaign, there are two cover art boxes out there, but it is the same game, and it was great working with Rob Daviau. One thing I hadn’t heard that was news to me was that they signed off on the game and it was ready to print. Zman is saying that they had 52,000 pre-orders for this game which is incredible in my opinion.

This was a really fun interview with Matt and we appreciate him taking his time to come on our show. Here is a link to the shop we were talking about with the Game Pimper T-shirt if you are interested.

Segment, Time
Intro, 0:15
Overview Warhammer Conquest, 6:00
Thunderbirds, 8:00
Overview of the Game, 14:00
Mission Clock Discussion, 22:00
Daughter Anna helps Dad, 28:00
Pandemic Legacy, 36:00
State of Emergency, 42:00
Matt stocking shelves at Target, 44:00
Matt answers your questions, 45:30
Rank’em, 58:00
Outro, 1:07:45

The monster from Johnny Quest, best episode ever 🙂oneeyemonster

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