RDTN Episode 58 – Start Me Up: Happy Mitten Games, Ghostbusters, and Stronghold

happymittenWow, that didn’t go as planned. We had this entire episode planned to bring in the guys and gal from Happy Mitten Games, discuss their podcast, their Kickstarter for Aether Magic. and then a bunch of other big announcements. Well, one thing lead to another, and bam, we were out of time and didn’t get to all of the news we had. But the sacrifices have to be made and you dear listener will get a bonus with RDTN rolling out another episode as soon as next week if that plan goes well. I will say this has got to be one of the best Rank’ems we have had on the show so be sure to check it out. Once we finally got HMP out of the studio, we talk about the Cryptozoic Kickstarter for Ghostbusters and Stronghold’s Box - Standardannouncement for publishing a new version of Ignacy’s Stronghold. I am very excited about the this because I love the original game.

Enjoy the show and if you get a chance, head over to BGG and rank us with the other Podcasts in the Golden Geek Awards. Marty and I are very surprised and humbled by this honor and want to say thanks to everyone that helped us get there. And we don’t make this stuff up: Wombat

Segment, Time
Happy Mitten Games, 1:30
Happy Mitten Games Company, 8:00
Aether Magic, 15:00
Rank’em, 52:30
How did they get their name, 1:07:00
Ghostbusters, 1:15:00
Stronghold, 1:18:00

2 Replies to “RDTN Episode 58 – Start Me Up: Happy Mitten Games, Ghostbusters, and Stronghold”

  1. Glenn

    I love cooperative games but why are so many only 4 player? It seems we almost always have 5 players whenever I have enough people interested to play a gabe at home (or even at a gaming group).

    Is it just easier to design a game for four? Or adding a fifth cost so much more to make the game?

    I was really looking forward to a mobile version of Stronghold (I thought that was in the works maybe the updating of the game will make an iOS version more likely). I am hoping that the pieces would be more thematic rather than little cubes (even if it raises the price).

    • admin

      I agree. It always seems I have 5 players for a game which knocks out a lot of coop and other boardgames. Many times expansions are added which provide a 5th player but I wonder why didn’t they just provide that in the base game. I guess it’s to generate money. -Marty

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