RDTN Episode 57 – Gimmie Some Slack: Chit Chat, AquaSphere, Defenders of the Realm, and SCARAB Convention

In this episode, Marty tells us about the new Feld game AquaSphere that he just received from TMG which he backed via Kickstarter. I compare Defenders of the Realm which I traded Robinson Crusoe for at BGG Con to Pandemic and determine if it was a good trade or not. Suzanne Sheldon and Rhiannon Ochs join us again for another Chit Chat session where we just catch up since we haven’t talked in a bit and discuss what is going on in their Internet life. Matter of fact, Rhi drops a sort of bomb on us on the changes happening over at Spooning Meeples. We explore the new RDTN grading scale for gamRO Scalees, inspired by Rhi thus named accordingly as the RO Scale. It is real simple because that is all Marty and I can handle:

  • It’s a Game
  • It’s a Good Game
  • It’s a Great Game
  • It’s a Game I’ll Buy

Don’t forget to check out the newest addition to the board game table builders at BoardGameTables. One last thing, the Draco Magi Contest prizes were stated incorrectly in the show, but this is actually an upgrade. We are giving away a copy of the game, a mat, and 2 posters. To participate, go to the this page.
Segment, Time
Start it off, 00:40
Tony Rant, 2:10
What are the wife’s up to, 5:00
SCARAB Convention Gaming, 8:30
AquaSphere, 10:00
Defenders of the Realm, 20:00
Chit Chat, 25:00
RO Scale, 35:00
Bunch of generic game talk, 48:00
Suz’s new possible segment, 1:04:00
Outro, 1:10:00
Kickstarter Plugs – Stronghold & AEG, 1:12:00
Two Contests this month, 1:22:00

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