RDTN Episode 55 – The Mob Rules: Imperial Settlers and Survey Results

cutmypicFor our last podcast of the year, Marty and I discuss Imperial Settlers at length. We talk about our likes and dislikes and Marty gives you a quick run-through of the game. Okay, maybe not so quick, but sometimes it is hard not to go into some detail as you discuss the likes and dislikes.

We also go over our survey results for 2014 and want to thank you so much for participating. If you were a winner, you will receive an email from us requesting your mailing address and permission to release your name. We will see you 2015!





Segment, Time
Intro, 00:00
Imperial Settlers, 15:35
Survey Results, 34:35
Outro, 59:50

Survey Results:
“We try and keep the show under 1:30 hours, is this time”,Too Short,8.13%
,About Right,77.50%
,Too Long,14.38%
Did you participate in a contest that we hosted this year?,Yes,19.38%
,There where contests…,15.00%
“We try and limit the number of guests to three a quarter, is that:”,Too few,15.63%
,About Right,79.38%
,Too many,5.00%
How do you find out that we released a new show?,Twitter,27.50%
,RSS Subscription,21.88%
,BoardGameGeek Forums,20.00%
,Visiting the RDTN website,15.00%
Have you ever watched our youTube videos?,Yes,39.38%
,Seen a few,28.75%
What is the most important aspect of a review of a board game?,How it is played,48.13%
,What is liked about the game,73.75%
,What is disliked about the game,60.00%
,Quality of the components,16.25%
,That it is not a demo copy,3.75%
Do you play PC/Console/Tablet board games?,Yes,81.25%
,Not yet but thinking about it,5.63%
,I did but stopped,5.00%
What system do you play games on?,PC,51.88%
,Xbox System,31.88%
,Nintendo Console,19.38%
,Nintendo DS,16.88%
,Don’t play video games,26.25%

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