RDTN Episode 53 – Running on Empty: Chit Chat with Rhi and Suz, Sheriff of Nottingham, Seafall, Bottom of the Ninth, and Specter Ops

For this episode, Suzanne and Rhiannon come back to the table for some Chit Chat and we talk about the happenings at BGG Con. I am sure you are tired of hearing about it and understand because that is how I felt about Gen Con, but I will go on record as saying this has been my favorite of all the big Cons that I have attended. I saved up my allowance to go and glad I did and I am already looking at next year if I can swing it. We got to play tons of games, met amazing people, and never felt rushed at the show. The only thing is to make sure you go with a buddy or know some people going because I can see where it might be daunting to go by yourself. Either way, plan on attending at least once, I am glad I did and I was very apprehensive before we left.

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Segment, Time
Intro, 00:00
Sheriff of Nottingham,5:00
Chit Chat, 7:30
Demo of Seafall, 39:30
Demo of Bottom of the Ninth, 46:00
Demo of New Bedford, 52:00
Demo of Specter Ops, 57:45
Demo of Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover, 1:00:45
Demo of Castle Assault, 1:02:00
Outro, 1:03:00

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