RDTN Episode 51 – Changes: Fantasy Flight LCG Model w/ Hunter Shelburne, Broken Token Inserts, Phoenix Covenant, Warhammer Conquest

Right before we were set to record, Marty called an audible and wanted to talk about the new announcement from Fantasy Flight and how they are going to cycle their Living Card Games and the reboot of A Game of Thrones. He was able to get Hunter Shelburne from Weaponsgrade Tabletop to join in the discussion. I understand the need of FFG to make this move, how do you keep the game alive, continue to make sure new players can join, don’t break the game with new releases and the list can go on and on. But one thing I know for sure, there is plenty of discussion on all these items and there may not be a right or wrong answer because it depends on where you are in the LCG family. Enjoy the show

Subject, Time
Podcast on Boardgame, 01:30
The Broken Token Inserts, 08:00
BGG Virtual Flea Market and Math Trades, 11:30
Hope for Unfunded Kickstarters, 14:00
Phoenix Covenant, 16:00
FFG LCG Announcements w/ Hunter, 23:00
Ticket to Ride Cheater, 52:30
Rank’em, 56:00
Warhammer Conquest, 01:06:30
Outro, 01:09:00

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