RDTN – Episode 49 – New York State of Mind w/ special co-host, Marty’s Wife (NYCC, Comic Book TV Shows, Potpourri)

Once again, Tony is on a lavish vacation leaving me behind to produce an episode of the show. So I decided to bring in someone who knows me even better than Tony. My wife, Vanessa.

We recently just got back from a family trip to New York Comic Con. In this episode we share our adventures at NYCC and compare it to other conventions we’d been too. In addition, as southerners, we give our first impressions of visiting New York City.

Next, we discuss and rate the current Comic Book shows on TV.

Finally I mention a few Kickstarters you may want to check out.

Segment, Time
New York Comic Con,1:00
Cosplay at the Con,11:00
Panels at the Con,21:00
On the Con Floor,25:30
Phoenix Covenant,29:00
Final Thoughts on the Con,32:15
Southerners First Impressions of NYC,35:45
Comic Book TV Shows, 47:15
Outro, 57:30
Space Movers, 58:00
Hex Chests, 1:00:45
Insert Here (Promo Code: rollingdice), 1:03:15

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