RDTN Episode 45: Walk like an Egyptian – Kemet, Dead of Winter, Pack O Games KS, and a Contest

Scott King Gaming CalendarThat is right, we got a contest* for you. Scott King has graciously offered our listeners a chance to win a print from one of the images in his 2015 Gaming Calendar Kickstart. To hear more details, got to listen to the show, but you can enter the contest by going to this link.

Marty and I review the promos that we received from Chris Handy and his KS for Pack O Game games. For a big whopping $6 per game, some might be of interest to you, so be sure and check them out. FFG’s announcement of Star Wars Armada and XCOM got our attention and then we try to guess what big surprise will still be announced by FFG at Gen Con. We weren’t exactly right, but we were both sort of close, we thought it would be some type of Decent game and yeah, it was. Great minds think alike. Okay, that was a bit of a stretch. As the title suggests, Kemet was played by Marty and we get to hear that experience. One final item, Marty talks about his new game Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games which arrived just in time for Gen Can’t 2014.

For those that were able to take part in the Gen Can’t 2014 Non-convention, hope you had fun and wish you luck if you entered into the contest over there.


Segment, Time
Pack O Games KS, 10:00
Fantasy Flights New Games, 16:00
Big FFG Release – our guess, 26:00
MDM Demise in our area, 30:00
At the Table, 40:00
Recent Games and Stories, 52:00
Dead of Winter, 1:04:00

*Scott King calendar contest is unfortunately only available to those in the continental United States. Sorry about that, but if we could figure out how to safely get our Owl to fly stuff over the ocean, we would open it up.

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