RDTN Episode 39: Follow the Blind

unlockedAchievement unlocked, we have broken the two hour length podcast. We debated for a bit on if we should split this into Part I and Part II, you know, keep in the theme of what is currently going on with TV shows as their season wrap up and give you cliffhangers. So, asked Marty why we couldn’t do that and he made an excellent point along the lines that once you got them hooked, reel them in. So we are going to get you invested in the show for the first hour and you will think I have spent this amount of time, might as well stay for the next hour as well.
For this episode, we are so happy to have with us Dan Patriss from Geek Allstars. He was kind enough to give up two hours of his time to sit with us and talk gaming, their podcast, and the big item, Summer Movies. Yes, we go on a tangent or as Dan says in his show a Dangent and talk about rather the movies coming out this summer are worthy of our money at the box office, at Red Box, or should just go into the trash (trash box). Love to hear your opinions on the movies this summer.
The other big item is the Dice Tower Network game of the month. May’s game is from the Dungeons & Dragons Wizards of the Coast series. In summary, after we revisited the game, I went out and put on my BGG trade list the Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game and hope to get it in a trade sometime in the future.

Geek All Stars, 4:30
Strat-o-matic vs APBA, 9:00
New D. Louder Game, 11:00
Time for the Sports, 16:00
Beer Recommendation – Monty Python Holy Grail, 19:30
Turner Syndrome Charity Event, 28:30
Box Office/Red Box/Trash Box, 32:30
Beer Recommendation 2, 1:23:00
Game of the Month, 1:26:20
Close Out, 1:45:00

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