RDTN Episode 38: Hero

cutmypicOne of my supervisors back in the day had an expression he would use when we ran into tough times in the control center. He would tell us that “Somedays it’s chicken, somedays it’s feathers.” Well, as it relates to Marvel Dice Masters by Wizkids, we got nothing but feathers. We were able to get our booster gravity feed from Potomac Distribution, but the starter sets have been very elusive to us and thus we have had nothing but feathers here in Charlotte, NC. But you can download a way to play without the starters from Wizkids but that only gets you the action cards. You still have to find boosters in order to play and those are missing in our area as well. So we do some ranting about the limited availability, collectible games, and the overall production quality. But the 99 cent price point just makes it so tempting and we will probably keep collecting.

We discuss the concept of Breadth vs Depth in gaming and then get to a great At the Table on Pet Peeves.

Marvel Dice Masters, 6:00
Google Hangout Adventures, 27:30
Free Comic Book Day, 31:20
The Geek’s Dilemma, 33:35
At the Table, 45:00
New At the Table, 1:03:45
Outro, 1:04:45

In reference to the City of Heroes, here is the video I remember:
City of Heroes

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