RDTN Episode 36: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

cbjimageFor this episode, we were honored to have Anthony Racano from Cardboard Jungle on our show. We are all over the map with this one so be sure and check out the time table below to give you an idea of the topics we have on the show. Now hidden in the show is someone from the Bronx trying to talk Southern and myself trying to talk like someone from Boston. There is no way I could have pulled off the Bronx. We had a great time with Anthony and let me tell you, the guy knows his stuff when it comes to our gaming hobby. We do go on a brief tangent on sports, but we bring it back and talk about various sports games that are on the market.

Board Games: Now for the BlindOne item we want to point out that has our interest and we want to make sure gets some notice is the current kickstarter Board Games: Now Blind Accessible. It is funded, but consider helping them along the way.
Segment, Time
Here’s Anthony, 1:00
Getting CBJ Started, 8:00
Anthony’s Pet Peeve, 17:15
Running Demos, 20:30
Game Clubs, 26:30
Parenting advice from us, 32:00
Totalcon, 35:00
2014 Expectations, 42:00
Gencon and Demos, 49:00
Really – Monopoly, 57:00
Time for the Sports, 1:01:00
Other Racano Productions, 1:09:00
64 Oz. Game Kickstarter, 1:21:00

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