RDTN Episode 177: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Review (Compared to 1st Edition and DnD 5e)

00:30,Intro to Pathfinder 2nd Edition
02:50,History of Paizo and Pathfinder
10:50,Portal Games
11:30, Compare Pathfinder 2nd Edition to the 1st Edition
40:28,The Broken Token
40:53,Compare Pathfinder 2nd Edition to Dungeons & Dragons 5e
1:18:41, Miniature Market

In this special episode of RDTN, Marty is joined by his sons, Adam and Travis, to discuss the brand new 2nd edition of Pathfinder. They’ll talk about the history of Pathfinder, compare the differences between the 1st and 2nd of Pathfinder, compare and contrast the 2nd edition with Dungeons & Dragons 5e. And in conclusion, give recommendations to the audience based on RPG experience.

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