RDTN Episode 114: They Who Were 8, Rum & Bones Second Tides, & Fuzzy Tales

We hope you enjoy the brand new segment that is being brought to you from the creative mind of Chaz Marler. In this new segment, we will debate the aspects of various positions people take in the mechanics, themes, and design of board games. Now that it has been typed, that sounds a little heavier than anticipated. We hope to continue to have this segment in a regular fashion and love to hear comments and suggestions on how to make it even better.

We overview two games with our 5 Minute Initiative format in this episode. Rum & Bones, Second Tide is a follow up from CMON that adds some new mechanics that were not present in the original. If you want a good little dice chucker, then this might be a game that you need to check out. Don’t get us wrong here, there is some strategy around planning the moves, determining the quickest course to the needed victory points, but when the battles rage, it comes down to the dice.

They Who Were 8 is the other game we talk about. This one is a deceptive game in that what seems to be a simple “cube” pusher, suddenly becomes a real thinker. You will find yourself trying to out guess your opponents and thinking you have the game one, when suddenly, things shift on you and you are now trying to play catch-up to everyone else. Be sure to read the final scoring a couple of times before sitting down to play because failure to do it correctly will cause you to have a distaste in your mouth

Travis, Marty’s son, sits down and talks to us about the BGG Golden Geek 2016 RPG winner, 7th Sea. So, if you are curious why it won, be sure to give this a listen. Travis speaks to the system it uses and the setting. Most importantly, he mentions that everything you need is contained in one book and not spread over multiple books. If you are looking for a pirate themed RPG, you should give this one a look.

Once we had recorded and edited the episode, we got some excited news from Portal Games. They have announced one of their big games coming out in 2018, Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame. We decided this news was worth adding an additional segment at the end of the episode so that we can provide details that we gathered from the North American Portal Games Representative, Chevee Dodd. 

Thanks for listening as always and be sure and fill out our poll on what games you would like to hear our thoughts on in upcoming episodes.



Segment, Time
Intro, 00:41
Majority Rules, 3:25
Next Vacation, 10:29
BGG Golden Geek Awards, 11:04
RPG Options, 14:12
Rising Sun, 16:17
War of the Ring, 18:53
Imperial Settlers: Aztecs, 22:25
7th Sea RPG, 24:31
Flying Squirrels, 29:51
A-Case, 30:22
Kickstarters Suck, 33:08
Movie Discussion, 34:37
Dice of Crowns, 36:35
Marty’s Rant on Star Wars: Destiny, 38:27
Favorite Fridays, 41:13
The Broken Token, 43:27
They Who Were 8, 44:15
Fuzzy Tales with Chaz Marler, 49:28
Pair of Dice Paradise Contest, 1:17:50
Portal, 1:24:10
Rum & Bones: Second Tide, 1:25:08
What to Review Next, 1:30:19
Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame, 1:32:24

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