RDTN Episode 112: The 2017 Squirrelys – Our Board Gaming Awards

Another year has past and that brings us to the coveted award ceremony of RDTN, The Squirrelys. This is the show where we decide our games from 2016 that need some recognition. While most of the awards are the standard ones you hear about on other shows, we also like to throw out the odd one here and there. If you missed the Squirrelys from last year, then you need to know that this show has presenters from other podcasts and acceptance speeches from some of the winners. Yeah, it isn’t just us talking about the best of the best, but it is our attempt to mimic the award shows that are bombarding our senses during this time of year. And just like normal awards, we are sure there will be some controversy over the selections. Truthfully, we hope there is some to drive discussion and the selection committee would love to know your thoughts and possible ideas for the 2018 Squirrelys.

But looking back, 2016 was a banner year in board gaming as we were hit with many solid games, check this article for the best board games for families. Now, it doesn’t mean there weren’t any stinkers, but there were probably more good games this year than we all realize. Shoot, there were probably games that flew under the radar because of the number of games competing to be on your table. Hopefully this will also hold true in 2017. Maybe, just maybe there will be that game that will blindside us again more so than 2016. Or even yet, we say that 2017 was even better than 2016, but that will be hard to imagine. Then again, we were saying something similar at the start of 2016 as we looked back on 2015.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening. This show is probably one of the more tedious for Marty to edit. Too bad they don’t offer an award for best editing of a podcast.

And if you are so inclined, we would appreciate a nod over at the BGG Nominations as well.

Presenter, Segment, Time
Tony & Marty, Introductions, 00:30
Dan King, That’s Unique Award, 03:05
Mike Risley & Chris Mosley,All Y’all Award, 05:58
Suzanne Sheldon,Blindside Award, 09:10
Patrick Kelly & Robb Rouse,Better Late Than Never,11:57
Joel Eddy,Best Use of Plastic,15:27
Chaz Marler,We Must Have Missed Something,17:36
The Broken Token, Commercial,22:28
Portal Games, Commercial,22:47
Tantrum House, Accounting Firm,23:55
Matt Evans,Not Your Father’s Deck Builder,27:10
Jamie Keagy,Best Hi Player Count, 30:03
Dan Patriss & Chris Kirkman,Just the Two of Us,33:38
Ambie Valdés & Cassadi Thomas & Crystal Pisano,Resurrection Award,37:15
Rodney Smith,Breakout Game,40:05
Sean Ramirez,Tony GoTY,44:24
Rich Sommer,Marty GoTY,50:31
Marty & Tony, Closing Remarks, 54:38

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