RDTN Episode 111: The Castles of Burgundy The Card Game, Flying Squirrels and Our Awesome Wives

It was over 100 episodes ago when our wives joined us on RDTN. It only took four years for them to forget about that experience and join us again beyond just a game review. They enlightened us on where they thought RDTN would be in four years and how things have changed in the four years since we started this adventure. We then tricked them into playing The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game so we could do a group review. We hope you enjoy them coming back and remember, the next four years will fly by until they return again. Maybe, if they get some praise, they will come back on sooner than later.

We had some time to capture a few Flying Squirrels for the show since the ladies left a little early and how we have gone down the rabbit hole with Star Wars Destiny. Be sure and check out the Kickstarter for Delve by a good friend of the show Pete Shirey. It is tile laying, dice rolling, dungeon delving game. Delve, I get it now. Have you ever noticed just the amount of kickstarters that come out this time of year. There a another big one from CMON and then there is Railways of Nippon. How is someone to decide on what to get and still have some money to spend on Star Wars Destiny boosters. Then there are accessories and little projects as well that need some love.

Hope you enjoy the show and please be sure to post a review if you get a chance, we really do appreciate it.
Intro, 00:37
Back to the Future, 2:44
La La Land, 3:37
The Wives take the mics, 5:45
The Broken Token, 24:15
The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game, 25:18
Flying Squirrels, 36:03
Delve & The Gameboy Geek, 36:34
Mysterium App, 38:40
Stop Thief! Restoration Games, 40:54
Dark Side of Collectible World, 42:57
Zen Bins, 44:56
The RDTN site malfunction, 46:53
Portal Games, 49:25
Outro, 50:10
Rickroll again, 52:20
Cowbell has a new meaning, 53:35
Last thoughts, 54:30

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