RDTN Episode 108: Star Wars Destiny, Paris Connection in the 4th Anniversary Show

episode108aHard to believe that this is our 4th Year Anniversary show. It doesn’t seem that we started doing this that long ago. However, if you were to ask our families, they can’t believe that it has only been four years. What is nice is that the excuse “for the show”, now actually has some weight with them. They understand that this is something we love creating. Also, we couldn’t have done the show for four years without their support and the support of this incredible community. Hopefully this wave of incredibleness will never end and if it begins to fade, we will still be around until it comes again.

Star Wars Destiny from Fantasy Flight is going to be one of those games that could easily suck you in. The CCG model is one where you need to decide if you are going to be in it for fun or to crush your opponents. Crushing your opponents will probably come at a cost and one where you may have to wait for the market to stabilize. However, if you take a look at the going rate for the Super Rare Green Goblin “Gobby”, it hasn’t come down in well over a year. And if you think that Lord Vader is going to drop in price so you can get that other dice you need, you can probably not count on that happening anytime soon. The one thing we would suggest, find someone to go in with you to buy a booster box, have a draft party and hope for the best. We have been doing this since our first CCG love and will probably do it again product is easier to get.martyburn

Thanks to Jamie Keagy from the Secret Cabal for this incredible GIF!

Paris Connection is a fun gateway game that is showing up on many tables, not because it is a new game, but because it is a good game that suddenly became very affordable due to deep discounts. There is no denying that it is a good gateway game for you to try, but maybe not one to put in the collection unless you need something that can hide as a stock market game behind the clever train theme.

Finally, here is the link to the annual survey we are asking you to complete by January 1st @ 00:00 EST. You will have a chance at a $25 gift card from either FunAgain Games or The Broken Token, your choice. Three people will be chosen at random and each will receive one. Good Luck!

Segment, Time
Intro, 0:54
My Little Pony RPG, 4:23
ABCs of RPGs, 7:50
Isometric Paper Rolls, 14:07
Nintendo, 15:03
iOS Games (Red 7 & Colt Express), 19:25
Noch Mal!, 22:07
Star Wars Destiny, 23:46
The Broken Token, 28:53
BGG Questions, 29:34
Paris Connection, 59:25
Portal Games, 1:04:14
Facebook Questions, 1:04:57
Survey Time, 1:21:35
Outro, 1:23:38
Flag Dash, 1:24:30
Funagain, 1:28:35

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