RDTN Episode 106: Great Western Trail, A Feast for Odin, and a conversation with FunAgain about Essen

episode106Episode 106 was a Beast of Burden for us, but it was a labor of love. We have played two of the newest games that are out now, A Feast for Odin from Z-man Games and Great Western Trail from Stronghold Games. We do not go into a full review of both the games, but we use our 5 minute initiative format wear we touch on each game at a high level and discuss our Pros and Cons. In the outro, we do go back and revisit, but it is a discussion on which we liked better and why that was the case. Don’t get us wrong, both games are really good, solid games and aside from what we think, you need to do yourself a favor and try both.

The local con MACE was held in Charlotte, NC over the weekend of 11/11 to 11/13 and we had a very good time. Happy to see all that could attend. The organizers have done a great job in giving people a place to play as well as have some tables for open gaming. One thing that always happens is that while we are there for 18 hours, it is never enough time.

One of the big things done at MACE, which is probably why time was gone before we knew it was demoing the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle for the Envoy Team. If you are interested in joining the team, head over to their website and read through what it takes as far as time commitment. One of the neat aspects of being on the Envoy Team is doing the splashes where one weekend, a game is demonstrated across the USA. Check it out if you think you might have the time for this.

One final thing in this episode is a visit from Nick Medinger who is the COO at Funagain Games. We all love playing games and the joy we get when we see a package on our doorstep knowing what goodness is inside. But it is amazing what it takes to get the games to us or our local game stores and Nick shares some of that knowledge. More importantly, we wanted to know what was going on at Essen this year and hoped he would share with us some of the hotness from that con.

Segment, Time
Intro, 00:50
MACE Adventures, 1:35
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, 5:05
A Feast for Odin, 10:55
The Broken Token, 16:10
Great Western Trail, 17:10
Interview with Nick from Funagain, 22:50
Essen Games to the USA, 24:45
How accessible is Essen, 28:30
How do you pick, 29:50
What was the big Pre-order @ Essen, 34:00
Why do prices fluctuate, 37:50
Essen vs Other Conventions, 41:15
Essen Misc, 44:05
BGG Con Plans, 45:50
Why Puzzles & Funko, 47:40
The Business side, 49:45
What is up with release dates, 53:00
Portal, 57:00
Outro, 57:48

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