RDTN Episode 105: Arkham Horror – The Card Game Review and GTS Come and Play Day

episode105We heard about the new Arkham Horror: The Card Game earlier this year when an image was leaked. Well, it is a reality now and we begged, pleaded, gave up our first borns to get a review copy and it was worth it. We liked it so much, we wanted to spend a good while discussing it on our show and really go into the game. Hopefully we provide you with enough information that you can decide if this is an LCG that you might want to invest in. Spoiler: We are in for the long haul.

Marty was able to go down to Atlanta and take part in the GTS Come and Play event. This event allows retailers the chance to see some of the games that are not familiar to them, but we, as fans, know all too well. While there, he interviewed some of the publishers to find out what was coming out in 2016 in time for the holidays. Many things we all know about, but there are some little nuggets of information in these interviews. But then there is Buonocore too. We love this guy.

Conventions are coming to a close and we get to attend our local con, MACE It is celebrating its 20th year which is a great feat for a small convention. It has morphed greatly over the years and is now a convention for all tastes. There is plenty of RPGs going on, miniature gaming, and the board game area grows and grows each year. Pretty soon it will outgrow the hotel it is in. However, we hate that it competes with another great event in our area, Gamer’s for Cures up in Raleigh. This is an event that Dan Patriss from The Geek All-Stars runs each year to benefit the Turner Syndrome Society. One year, I will get to it.

We do want to point out the the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction is going on right now over at Board Game Geek and if you get the chance, be sure and check out some of the great items being listed. On top of JVMF, the Extra Life campaign is also going on everywhere and we would love to hear if you were able to participate.

Thanks for listening, we really do appreciate it.

Intro, 00:38
JVMF RDTN Auction, 8:55
Secret Cabal: Dunwich Horror, 13:25
Epic Long Game Nights, 15:25
Broken Token, 19:20
Arkham Horror: The Card Game, 20:30
Portal, 54:39
GTS Come and Play Show, 55:45
CMON Games, 57:35
Passport Games, 1:01:50
Renegade Game Studios, 1:10:05
Tasty Minstrel Games, 1:14:05
HABA USA, 1:16:45
R&R Games, 1:18:55
Stronghold Games, 1:22:10
Cryptozoic, 1:27:30
Indie Boards and Card Games, 1:32:28
Steamforged Games, 1:35:45
Eagle Gryphon Games, 1:40:45
Upper Deck, 1:43:00
Portal Games, 1:47:15
Outro, 1:50:35
MACE, 1:52:00
Kickstarter Stuff, 1:58:40

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