RDTN Episode 103: Empires: Galactic Rebellion, Guild Ball, Warmachine, & Tanks

This might be unprecedented with four “reviews” in one show and the length is just barely over an hour. So, it is possible to compress goodness into a small package. Plus we got some squirrels to let out and discuss with everyone. We know that miniature games like Warmachine, Guild Ball and Tanks is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have been thinking about trying out a miniature game, hopefully, we gave you enough insight to help you start digging into something.

Those of you that got the Kickstarter copy of Empires, you will not be disappointed with your purchase. We are concerned that the final battle might put some people off, but we did enjoy it. It is kind of like the game rising up to play equalizer at the end and remove the Victory Points of the planets at the end of the game. This element of chance does bring excitement to the final end game for scoring. The fact that the guy who is controlling the planet could be wiped out and you are lucky enough to get control with a lucky draw, some will not like it, but it is a nice twist. We can not emphasis enough the importance of the cubes and getting more of them during the game. We also failed to battle during the game as much as we should have, but after the initials plays, this will change over time.

Here is the survey for your ideas on the Pint Glasses and we are serious, if it isn’t necessary or a good idea, tell us. In no way or fashion are we married to doing this. But hey, might as well ask.
Intro, 00:37
Broken Token, 06:00
Empires: Galactic Rebellion, 7:00
Flying Squirrels, 12:45
Take That but not that, 15:28
Arcane Academy, 17:20
Ascension Ipad Dreamscape, 19:15
Toy Hall of Fame, 21:25
Really it is worth that,23:30
Firefly Legendary, 25:20
Strike Project, 27:45
The Rebuttal, 29:20
Fall TV Thoughts, 31:35
Portal Games, 33:50
Miniature Games, 34:40
Tanks by GF9, 36:05
Guild Ball, 40:16
Warmachine, 44:55
Outro, 57:00

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