RDTN Episode 102: Mechs vs Minions

Marty was able to work his magic at Gen Con and got a preview of a board game from Riot Games. Well, one thing lead to another and we got the opportunity to interview Chris Cantrell and Rick Ernst, part of the team behind Mechs vs Minions. This game is due out in October and it isn’t one that you need to back and will get later. When you order it, it will be on its way to your door. Between now and mid October, you are going to be inundated with pictures and videos. This game is gorgeous and those pictures will not do it justice.

But being pretty doesn’t make it a good game. It is a co-op game, so if those types of games aren’t your thing, then you might need to bypass it. However, if you like co-ops, then you need to take in all you can between now and October. We will be releasing more thoughts as we continue to play the game, but will not be spoiling the missions at all. Not sure how far we will get in it, it is a tough game for sure.

As you can see below from the list, we hope the questions we asked help peak your interest in this game and you dig into over the next month.

Segment, Time
Who is Riot Games,2:15
Mechs vs Minions overview,9:55
Rob Daviau moment, 13:20
What started it, 14:55
How long in development, 24:45
Scope Creep, 29:10
Production Value, 31:55
Keeping cost down, 40:15
Expansion Plans, 45:40
What is success, 1:00:40
Games you are playing at the office, 1:08:50
Rank’em, 1:11:25
Final Details, 1:21:00
Our Thoughts,1:30:55
Boardgamegeek GotW, 1:38:05
Gigamic Karibou Camp squeaker, 1:39:40

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