Money, Money, Money – Kickstart by Minion Games

Marty and I jumped on this Kickstart for coins by Minion Games. These coins will be used in Hegemonic, their new 4x game which was successfully funded this year. It seems that many players wanted to increase the amount of coins that were coming in the game, so Minion Games decided to offer a Kickstart to allow not only the Hegemonic backers more coins, but give more gamers the opportunity to get these coins.

Why get these coins you ask? Well, I think it adds to games that use credits or coins when you pick them up and there is weight to them instead being very light. Then there is the feel of metal in your hand that adds to the experience that you are using coins. And finally, the sound the coin will make when it hits the table as you throw it into the pot. All these things can only make playing a game that much better, in my opinion.

I am glad it reached the $45,000 goal and added the 2 value to the lot, this adds one more game I think I can use these coins with. So far, Marty and I plan on using these coins with Small World, 7 Wonders, Lords of WaterdeepAndroid: Netrunner, and Puerto Rico. I am sure we will find other uses when I pop open a game and see the need for coins, but right now, these are the ones that come to mind.

So, there are only a few days left in this Kickstart and if you can get past the space look of the coin to use with other games, you might enjoy adding these coins to your collection.

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