Missed it by that much

This week there was a big sale over at one of the online retailers I have used in the past. They were offering 50% off on Mayfair games, the guys who brought you Catan. Sales like these help me push the button on purchases that I might not normally make and be willing to take a chance on a game that might not get a lot of play. By the time I was able to get to their website, most of the games were pretty well gone. I hate that because I have been wanting to add to my game shelve a resource collection game or worker placement game but not sure I want to go MSRP on one. It will not be one of the more popular games that I will own, so I am really trying to ensure the enjoyment per dollar is maximized.

Blogged early that I got a chance to play Agricola and it was a game I would enjoy playing again, but most people in my immediate gaming circle would not like because they like the lighter style of game. Marty has Puerto Rico and Lords of Waterdeep, both are excellent games that would fit my crowd, but I try not to duplicate games that Marty has so we can have more variety in our collections. 

So after a year of reading reviews, watching reviews, and getting some plays in with  games, I am still at a loss on what game might be best. That is why I hate I missed the sale because I would have pulled the trigger on Pillars of the Earth and finally put this debate in my head to rest. Oh well, let it begin again and maybe something will fall into my lap or somebody will send in some suggestions that I haven’t even thought of considering in my quest for a resource/worker placement game.

Thanks for reading and Episode 3 is on the way

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