MACE 2013 Video: Avery, Burke, and McClung Oh my…

We have entered into the world of video again and Marty has put out on Youtube video of our adventures at the local con called MACE. It was a great weekend of gaming and meeting people. We spoke with area designers and fellow podcasters during the weekend. We were lucky enough to get Steve Avery and Robert Burke on film to talk about their current games. Robert McClung, who has been on our podcast talking about Con organization, also took time from his busy schedule of running the event and shared with us the success of MACE over the weekend. MACE grew in attendance for it second year in Charlotte by almost 40%. The hotel was at capacity and I am sure the wedding reception that was near our event enjoyed having the various cosplayers about. We had a great time running two Eldritch Horror demos this weekend and Marty got some video of the board for you to view. You will also see Steve Avery playing Nothing Personal with convention goers and “letting” someone else win so that they could really enjoy the game.

We apologize for the quality of the recording, they were setting up the Charity Auction when we did our filming and it was a bit noisy behind us. We also did not anticipate doing any filming of interviews, but we grabbed the brass ring when it presented itself. Head over to YouTube to check it out

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