Episode 5 – Can’t we just all get along (Coop Games)

Episode 5 is out for consumption and it is all about Coop games, one of our favorite style of games.

  • In the first 5 minutes, we don’t jump into Coop games so don’t be confused, we talk about our gaming experience with Twilight Imperium (00:00)
  • We then talk about a whole bunch of coop games that we have played or would like to play going from those we consider intro (Forbidden Island, Flash Point) up to the hard core (Arkham Horror) (05:01)
  • In Casual Corner, we talk about Pandemic. We love this game and it shows. We mention the new release and below are the images to help you understand the reference. (30:10)

And sometimes we get confused between actors, but it is understandable, see they look the same.

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