RDTN Episode 315: Star Wars Unlimited, Total Domination, Tanuki, Stonespine Architects, 7 Wonders Architects: Medals

00:00:00 Intro
00:06:35 El Grande Correction
00:08:41 I’m Not in Love is a Love Song
00:14:45 Rule Teach PSA
00:18:20 Altered TCG KS
00:24:22 Game Toppers
00:26:40 7 Wonders Architects Medals
00:31:41 Star Wars Unlimited Celebration Recap
00:48:54 Stonespine Architects
00:54:48 Portal Games
00:56:34 Total Domination
01:11:23 Tanuki
01:15:47 Miniature Market
01:16:32 Outro

Marty recently attended the Star Wars Unlimited event in Minnesota, and he graciously shared his experience with me and all you listeners. Over the years, we’ve delved into numerous Trading Card Games (TCGs), always hoping to find one that captures our excitement like Android Netrunner did. Remember, Netrunner was the TCG that kickstarted this show because we couldn’t contain our enthusiasm for its brilliance. Now, the question looms: Can Star Wars fill the void that Netrunner left behind? Will it rekindle our weekly lunchtime gaming sessions? One thing’s certain—you’ll be hearing plenty about it from us in the coming months, as our orders are already in.

And speaking of surprises, let me confess: Roll Player didn’t immediately grab me when I first played it years ago. But over time, it’s grown on me. My interest in Thunderworks Games led me to eagerly anticipate Stonespine Architects. Did it live up to expectations? You’ll have to listen to find out.

But wait, there’s more! Our unexpected delight came from Tanuki. It’s a classic case of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” This little gem might just become our go-to filler game for a while.

Lastly, Total Domination gets a turn on our gaming table. We’re eager to explore its depths, although we’ll also share any minor quibbles during our play discussion.

Thanks for listening, we really appreciate it.

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