RDTN Episode 299: Stranger Things Upside Down, D&D: Trials of Tempus, Star Trek: Away Missions

00:03:47Talk about Clover
00:06:40Games Workshop Easy Button
00:11:30MM Affiliate Link – Thank You
00:12:30Ready for Gen Con
00:14:00Box Office Surprises
00:17:00Flying Sucks
00:19:20Taste Buds
00:23:43Portal Games
00:24:50Stranger Things: Upside Down
00:33:09Game Toppers LLC
00:34:49D&D: Trials of Tempus
00:51:20Star Trek: Away Missions
00:58:45Miniature Market
01:00:53Final Fantasy XVI Review
01:05:00Mega Moose Con

Time to head to Gen Con and while you are on the road, what better way to spend time than listening to our latest episode. Wait, we need you to concentrate on your driving, scratch that, because we don’t need you falling asleep behind the wheel.

In this episode, we got some IPs to the table and discuss if they live up to the license that they are based on. But what about the gameplay, we got that covered as well. Will say that if you are interested in Trials of Tempus, you better have a big table for all the cardboard that is going to be out.

Thanks for listening and say “Hey” if you see us at Gen Con.

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