RDTN Episode 276: Does tabletop gaming suck now?

Oh boy, it’s another Tony generated clickbait title. In this episode we look back at changes we’ve seen over the past 10 years since we started this podcast. These changes may be might be seen as favorable to some and unfavorable to others. Regardless, this hobby has seen some drastic movements over the past decade and we want to highlight a few of them.

2 Replies to “RDTN Episode 276: Does tabletop gaming suck now?”

  1. Elisabeth

    My first time listening, and I really ENJOYED this episode! I didn’t see a way to comment on Apple Podcasts so I came to your website. Thank you so much for your insight – it’s informative and fun to listen to. It hit me right at the right time, while I think of the community I want to build. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • admin

      Hi!!! Thanks so much for the kind words and listening! While there isn’t a good way to comment on Apple Podcasts, feel free to leave us a review there if you’d like to. Thanks so much!!!! -Marty

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