RDTN Episode 273: Does Android: Netrunner Suck After 10 Years?

10 years ago we got hooked on the Living Card Game, Android: Netrunner. From our first play, we loved so many things about the game such as the asymmetric gameplay and bluffing. We spent many hours and lots of money trying to build decks that would not only be fun to play, but also be competitive. Over the years we stopped playing and moved over to other card games. After Fantasy Flight Games lost the license, we thought that was it for the game

However, recently, a community of Netrunner players didn’t want the game to die, so they established a publishing company called Null Signal Games. This company creates new cards and reprints old cards through a print-on-demand business model. We got the starter packs from this company and thought it was time to revisit the game after many years. The question is, would we still enjoy the game as much as we did 10 years ago. We answer that question and reflect on our love of that game in our latest episode.

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