RDTN Episode 265: Terracotta Army, The Guild of the Merchant Explorers, Catherine, Too Many Cooks, Power Core, Red Cathedral Contractors, TTR San Francisco

00:00:34 Intro
00:02:54 Saturday Game
00:06:46 Red Cathedral: Contractors
00:13:25 Too Many Cooks
00:20:27 Power Core: Call of Cthulhu
00:31:07 Ticket to Ride: San Francisco
00:35:15 Cartoon Theme Song Battle
00:41:10 Taste Buds
00:45:06 Portal Games
00:46:30 Flying Squirrels
00:47:09 RRR – Netflix Movie
00:49:09 Trades on BGG
00:51:10 Bucee’s
00:53:19 Get Off My Forms!
00:55:30 Mario Kart
00:57:45 Drift
00:59:46 Miniature Market
01:01:07 Catherine: The Cities of the Tsarina
01:07:26 Terracotta Army
01:20:40 Ultra Pro
01:21:40 The Guild of Merchant Explorers
01:27:22 Guild Wars 2
01:32:40 Outro

Coming off the Gen Con episode and getting the opportunity to play some games meant we are back to our old selves. We still were able to get a Flying Squirrel Segment in and a Taste Buds on top of covering games. All three games were enjoyed and then the demo of Power Core just blew us away. Man, hope it is successful for Board & Dice. Thanks for listening and glad we got our time back down to something reasonable.

And you are so welcome for the ear worm with the Cartoon Themes. For those that read this, Johnny Quest, can you hear the tune in your head?

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