RDTN Episode 255: Cryptid Urban Legend, Shinkansen Zero Kai, C&C Ancients, Methodologie, Pepsi Maple Syrup

02:45BGG Awards – Thank You
03:51Methodologie: Murder on the Links
14:50Apps in Games – Correction
18:47Little Grump Time
22:43Taste Buds – Maple Syrup Pepsi
32:54Miniature Market
34:20Cryptid Urban Legends
39:52Command & Colors: Ancients
59:38Portal Games
1:02:12Shinkansen Zero Kai
1:23:00Secret Cabal Announcer

We are back with another Taste Buds and a big thank you to a listener, Grishny, who has put together the new jingle. Blame the listener, not us ūüôā

You know how things come in phases with games. We had a ton of zombie games. Then it seemed to be bird games. Now it is nature. For us, we are in a war game phase. We continue to go back and find those games that have been out for awhile, but are getting reprinted. We want to play these and not miss them again. So, until we satisfy this itch, y’all will keep hearing about them.

Thanks again for voting for us on the BGG Awards. We love being a nominee

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