RDTN Episode 254: Return to Dark Tower, Tenpenny Park, Decorum, First Empires, Founders of Teotihuacan, Voices in My Head, Wise Guys, Dungeon Party

09:27Voices in My Head
18:31Dungeon Party
22:00Wise Guys
31:24Cartographers Puzzle
33:39Portal Games
35:15Return to Dark Tower
1:04:05Tenpenny Parks
1:10:17Miniature Market
1:11:40Founders of Teotihuacan
1:18:09Fun K-town Convention
1:43:47First Empires

Not going to sugar coat it, there are a ton of games in here. You don’t need to hang around here reading some long paragraph about how much we enjoyed this game or that. You just need to dig into the episode and let the noise consume you. But before you go, lot of love in this episode for some games and who would have thought a power source would matter so much.

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