RDTN Episode 253: 7th Annual Squirrelly Awards

05:24Tantrum HouseWhy Didn’t Think of That
08:10Geek All StarsJust the Two of Us
11:55Man vs MeepleGimmie More!
15:50Board Game BlitzIt’s In the Cards
20:32Drive Thru GamesPass the Advil
26:22Blue Peg Pink PegAll Aboard!!
31:00Things Get DiceyNo Grout Required
34:36Miniature Market
39:04Incorrigible Party PodcastThis Game has Bling
42:40Board Games InsiderBest Game We Didn’t Play
47:50Portal Games
49:05Board Game GumboIf I can’t Play Strike
53:40Chaz Marler“It’s Alive!”
1:01:05Blackboard Gaming All Y’all Award
1:05:10RDTNPublisher of the Year
1:10:46Dukes of DiceGame of the Year – Tony
1:16:31The Secret CabalGame of the Year – Marty

Can you believe that this is the seventh year of our award show? Neither can we and we would think it would get out to presenters that this isn’t as amazing as other award shows. And then, when they see the basket of Moon Pies when they come off the stage, we hook them again for the next year.

But that isn’t why you are here. You are here for your chance to win the $50 GC from Miniature Market. Just follow this link and follow the instructions to enter. Good Luck! And be sure to use the discount code in a timely fashion.

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