RDTN Episode 252: Squaring Circleville, Libertalia, Level 20, Colors of Paris, Don’t Blink, Behext

01:03Tantrum Con
30:55Taste Buds – Dragon Fruit
43:20Portal Games
44:45Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest
51:36Squaring Circleville
1:15:15Pathfinder: Level 20 – with Blue Peg, Pink Peg
1:31:07Colors of Paris – with Donna
1:44:32Miniature Market
1:45:28Don’t Blink -with Vanessa

Lots to listen to with a lot of special guests! I am also remote so going to keep this short. Good games and good times at Tantrum Con. Squaring Circleville was a hit. Libertalia made it to the table to everyone’s enjoyment. And The wives help us with to reviews and give cred to the show again.

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