RDTN Episode 251: Cuba Libre, Unforgiven, Free Radicals

03:20Hole in the Head
11:50They Didn’t Dissolve
14:43Only Murders in Building
17:03More on Giveaways
20:13Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial
24:40Board Games on Game Shows
26:30The Forever Teach
28:55Miniature Market
30:45Cuba Libre
1:00:00Portal Games
1:01:48Free Radicals
1:17:18All Y’all Nomination
1:19:31Guild Wars 2

Would you sit there that long? Could you hold your attention while you learn a new game? What is your time limit before you begin to zone out? Well, for Cuba Libre and the desire to learn how to play, I surprised myself. There was some angst going in, would it hard to learn or would it be a disappointment? You will have to listen and find out the results from finally getting to play Cuba Libre.

Free Radicals is one of these games where everyone has a different faction and all the factions play different. Therefore, it is not a difficult teach, but players will need to commit to the faction they are playing to learn on their own. If you are looking for a game that gives various challenges and ways to play, give Free Radicals.

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