RDTN Episode 246: 9th Anniversary, LOTR TCG, Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms, Lanzerath Ridge, Cape May

06:27Jet lag
07:58Secret Squirrel Gift Exchange
12:20Virtual RDTN Con
14:00Taste Buds – Pepsi Zero Mango
18:10Flights for Vacation
22:309th Anniversary Contest
33:43Food Adventures
39:30Magic – Commander Format
44:24Escape Room in a Box
49:47Vampire: The Masquerade – The Wolf & The Rat
53:36Cape May
1:00:53Trivia Night
1:04:37Man vs Meeple Kickstarter
1:05:55Plaid Hat GamesFamiliar Tales
1:09:38Lord of the Rings: Trading Card Game
1:30:39Portal Games
1:33:48Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniform
1:41:46Lanzerath Ridge: Battle of the Bulge
1:57:48Ravensburger – STRIKE!!!!
1:59:15Miniature Market
2:01:38Switch: Root
2:07:34Steel Police for Neuroshima Hex

Nine years ago and this podcast was created. Nine years ago, we had some vacation to kill and it seemed like a good idea. Nine years ago, we have been creating some the best background noise in the business. But in all seriousness, thank you for the support for those years. Thank you for commenting, interacting, saying Hey, and just sending in the kind emails. We really do appreciate it.

Twenty years ago, we played our first trading card game or collectible card game. It had us at the smell when we opened those packs. Marty said best when he stated this is what a rainbow would smell like if they could smell. Lord of the Ring: TCG had us all in until it got to be too much. Well, we opened up our first starter decks in over 18 years and played. Now you get to hear all about it.

David Thompson is one our favorite designers. We enjoy the ease of his games, but the depth of the strategy behind them. If you haven’t experience one of his designs published by DVG, consider giving them a shot or at least download the app. He has a new one going to Kickstarter in the coming months and Marty will talk about and might peak your interest.

Be sure and go to the survey and give us some of our yearly feedback. We read every comment, so thanks in advance.

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