RDTN Episode 244: Zapotec, GI Joe/Transformers Deck Builder, Savannah Park, Nice Buns, Boom Again

03:20Lawnmower Travesty
06:40Taste Buds
09:54That’s A Question
11:41Codenames Online Again
15:43World Series of Board Gaming Contest
17:40Nice Buns – Big Potato Games
20:07Boom Again
25:46Report from Fun K-Town
27:31Rove – Button Shy Games
29:37Toy Hall of Fame Winners
36:05Portal Games
57:00Ravensburger – Taco Bell Party Pack
58:39GI Joe & Transformers Deck Builder
1:00:55GI Joe Discussion
1:07:40Transformers Discussion
1:20:46HABA Advent Calendar
1:23:13Savannah Park
1:40:30Miniature Market
1:42:50Thoughts on Gamegenic Cases
1:48:43MediaVania YouTube Channel (@Mediavaniashow)

This is where I tell you about what is in the show. But because the show is so long again, I am going to save you some time and keep this short. First, we talk about some games and all were winners. Zapotec was great. Our banter included self-driving lawnmowers, how can Sand be in the Toy Hall of Fame, and upcoming taste tests. Best part was Marty and Vanessa talking about roller skating and how not to do a crossover. Also their review of Savannah Park.

There you go, now you don’t have to listen to us for two hours.

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