RDTN Episode 242: At the Table with Rob and Justin talking Thunder Road Vendetta

12:36Thunder Road Vendetta – What Happened
21:38How to get eyes on it
28:14Comments are Important
36:04What will be different on re-launch
41:15Does this hurt release date
51:40Return to Dark Tower Update
57:48Final Thoughts

For this special episode of At The Table, Rob and Justin come on to explain to me, Tony, why my dreams were dashed against the rocks. That is right, they talk about the decision to cancel the Kickstarter for Thunder Road Vendetta and why it was the thing to do While I may not fully agree with them crushing my spirit, I do understand now after our discussion. I hope the explanation helps you to understand and helps bring some closure to this event and tragedy for those of us that love that game. But hope is on the horizon in 2022 when the relaunch is scheduled to take place. I know I will be there, unless I am on vacation again, then I will catch it when I get back.

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