RDTN Episode 238: Iberian Gauge, Kokopelli, Fireteam, Meadow, Dimension, The Loop, Zombie Princess, Tyrants of the Underdark, Kim Joy’s Magic Bakery

05:59Taste Test – New Coke Zero
11:41Kim Joy’s Magic Bakery
18:58Puckerbutt Hot Sauce
28:06Arby’s Dice and it’s a Hat
31:13Miniature Market
34:23Iberian Gauge
51:56Shotgun 5 Minute Segments
58:17Tyrants of the Underdark
1:04:13The Loop
1:15:06Zombie Princess & the Enchanted Maze
1:20:20Ravensburger: Villainous Mischief & Malice
1:33:12Warhammer 40000: Fireteam
1:55:33Portal Games
1:57:52Super Truffle Pigs

This is another long one but it has a bunch of games and they offer something for everyone. We revisit one our favorites from five years ago and see if it holds up. We play a game that just made us go, Wow, this is fun, where has it been all our lives. Marty then reminds me that I am old and my vision is not what it used to be and gives me models to put together and that was an experience.

But the highlight reviews of Iberian Gauge and Kokopelli are about two games that we both really like. Iberian Gauge is a train gauge. It is an economic game. So it had us there. Kokopelli is about changing rules during the game and trying to out maneuver your opponent with card play.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and hope you enjoy some of our deep insights into these games. Okay, that might have been a stretch

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