RDTN Episode 237: At The Table with Justin Jacobson and Scott Morris

00:00Restoration Games
02:26Logistics with Justin and Scott
07:02Prior to COVID – How is it done
12:31To distribute a Game
17:52And what about Today
26:40Where are the games now
38:10What about making it local
42:50Got to rethink the model
47:20Crystal Ball Time
53:45Impacts if you are late
59:10Money solves everything
62:15Risk versus Reward
67:19Can it return to normal

Scoot Morris, Director of Business Development, Gaming of GTS Distribution and Justin Jacobson, Board Game Necromancer of Restoration Games join us at the table to discuss the state of Logistics in board gaming. If you have questions about what is going on in your favorite hobby when it comes to getting you the games you want, they provide some of the answers you might have been asking yourself and your gaming buddies. In all seriousness, Marty and I sit back and just take in the wealth of knowledge that they drop during this show. We discuss the way it was and how it is now. What are the costs that manufacturers are facing just not from shipping but also the impact in the entire stream of producing a game. We look at solutions and how to think outside of the gaming box as the hobby moves forward. This is educational, so please take some time and enjoy this episode

We promise to return to the foolishness in two weeks.

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